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Ardoq Bites - Representing how business capabilities are realised

Ardoq Bites quickly showcases an Ardoq feature. This episode looks at business capabilities and how their realisation is represented.

Ardoq Bites - Capabilities

Business transformations are complex and require informed decision-making to be successful. A key metric in measuring the success of any transformation is measuring the improvement to how an organisation leverages and enhances its differentiating capabilities.

Identifying these differentiating business capabilities are the relatively easy part of the initial transformation analysis. However, representing how these capabilities get realised (i.e. what people, process owners, and IT solutions make the capabilities happen) though can be a bit more tricky, and without this information the capability map is far less valuable. This is where Ardoq steps in with their business capability mapping.

Representing how business capabilities are realised

Getting the full picture how your business capabilities get realised provides a complexity baseline which:

  • Identifies inefficiencies across the whole organisation landscape

  • Improves Business/IT alignment as investment strategies move from technology to which capabilities need greater focus

  • Impacts of change are better understood  

  • Strategic clarity by producing a clear view of your current state and paving the way to plan for a desired future state

Visual roadmaps

Ardoq creates a visual roadmap of your capabilities, eliminating ambiguity and illuminate a clear path forward without you losing sight of what sets you apart, supporting your transformation journey, embracing change and remain focused on your differentiators.

Actual interactive reporting

Want to see an example interactive sample of how capabilities are represented in Ardoq? Follow this link to open an interactive report that shows various visualisations of business capabilities and how they are realised with a demo company: 

About Willtures

Willtures are the first certified and dedicated Ardoq implementers in Australia. Reach out to me directly for an obligation free discussion if you would like to find out more regarding the benefits of Capabilities and other features in Ardoq?

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