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Enterprise Blueprint

We understand that every organisation has unique challenges and objectives and may not need an Enterprise Architecture service or practice. That's why we've tailored a service to address business needs through a quick innovative approach called Enterprise Blueprint.

Ardoq analysis

Incorporating the power of Ardoq

This service uses Ardoq to provide 360° analysis with visual representations of your current environment, highlighting potential issues and risks of your enterprise model.

Access to Ardoq Discover (a user-friendly and intuitive UI designed for everyone) is included in the service to explore the Blueprint in real-time

Ardoq analysis

2-3 week timeframe

The Enterprise Blueprint is designed to be of minimal impact, with all the data points used to perform the analysis being readily available.


Within a few weeks you will receive a report showing what technology is supporting the business functions, including the risk level the business has with their current technology landscape.

When you need an Enterprise Blueprint



Cataloguing the Business/IT landscape that will show what you have inherited

high IT costs

High IT costs

Address inefficiencies and waste by identifying rationalisation opportunities

Change planning

Change planning

Improve change readiness through understanding business and operational dependencies

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Highlight control weaknesses and shortfalls of governance across your enterprise model

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