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CPS 230 Compliance

A unified hub for CPS 230 compliance activities

From 1 July 2025 APRA’s Operational Risk Management Prudential Standard (CPS 230) will come into force. Its purpose is to enhance operational risk management and resilience across APRA-regulated entities in the financial services sector, including banking, insurance, and superannuation fund organisations.

APRA regulated companies that are deemed non-compliant can expect significant fines, unplanned costs and reputational damage. To meet this challenge, Willtures has developed a service that will efficiently demonstrate CPS 230 compliance through a structured and integrated approach using the power of Ardoq.

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Achieve compliance through a structured and integrated approach

Ensure that your organisation is well-prepared to meet regulatory requirements and maintain operational resilience.

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Understand and manage operational risks across the whole organisation

Centralise data management, operational risk documentation, and governance, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible and manageable.

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Comprehensive BCP and scenario planning

Organisations can plan, test, and validate their BCPs within the platform, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of CPS 230. This includes the ability to understand the impacts of disruptions and the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.


Effective service provider management

document and monitor the risks associated with service providers and their dependencies, ensuring comprehensive oversight and management.

Ardoq change management

Operational Risk

Centralise risks and their control thresholds, business capabilities, knowledge graphs, and automated governance for critical operations

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Business Continuity

Analyze impact of unavailability, create virtual scenarios, evaluate BCP, explore fail-over changes, and maintain scenario library

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Service Providers

Track key suppliers' role in critical processes, vendor reliance, lifecycle and license renewals, and analyze changes for detailed assessments.

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