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Ardoq Bites - Simplifying communication with Ardoq orchestration

Are your communications to diverse stakeholders getting lost in translation? Ardoq Bites looks at optimising the messaging through Ardoq.

Simplifying complex stakeholder communication

It’s a common problem, how to effectively deliver complex messaging, strategies and reasoning to a diverse range of stakeholders. It’s something organisations face all the time, and it gets harder to manage the bigger the organisation. Trying to explain how to achieve it is also just as complex… so let’s try and dumb this down a bit.

Simplifying communication with Ardoq orchestration

Imagine your organisation is a grand orchestra and each department is an instrumental section of it. You've got your Executives as the brass section, Operations are on percussion, HR on violins, Sales doing vocals and IT on electric guitar. You, as the conductor standing in front of them, need to get everyone playing the sheet music you have in your hand (which is the overall strategy). 

As the conductor, you're faced with the challenge of ensuring that every musician (or stakeholder) understands and embraces the complex symphony you're trying to get them to play. You know that any miscommunication will make that that rogue trombone player to play out of place, causing confusion and havoc across the other sections.

Now for the fun part… while each section has their own music to follow, they each still want to have a say on how they should play it. Some of the different sections have also tried to collaborate and come up with a melody that’s great for them, but they forgot about the percussion section (again!!) and now the beat is all messed up.

Ardoq in your corner

Luckily you have Ardoq in your corner, acting as your maestro. It promotes inter-team collaboration, turning the musical mess into a dynamic jam session. Each stakeholder group can have their say (solo anyone?) and play their part. Ardoq then turns that complex mix-mash of noise into a musical masterpiece.

OK, now we have got it all consolidated, how though can we represent that music in a simple and easy to follow way so that people that can’t read music (like me 😊) can do so. Again, Ardoq has you covered as it can tailor the output for each of the orchestra’s sections into a language that they understand best. So, the Executives get the overture, Project Management get the process map and Software Development get it in binary.

It’s now time to bring it all together. Luckily Ardoq is the baton too, representing the relationships and dependencies across each section. Everyone is confident in knowing that each other section knows what they are doing, why they are doing it and when to do it. The CEO, as the lead vocalist, steps forward to sing a ballad about the recent quarterly results as the accountants pirouette in the background.

Communication for everyone

Ardoq has you covered all the way by providing a wide array of out-of-the-box interactive visualisations, all of which can be modified to meet you desired perspective. Time to elevate your organisational communication by exploring how Ardoq has redefined the way complex information can be conveyed.

About Willtures

Willtures are the first certified and dedicated Ardoq implementers in Australia. Reach out to me directly for an obligation free discussion if you would like to find out more about simplifying communication with Ardoq orchestration or any other feature in Ardoq?

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