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Ardoq Bites - Inside Santa's Workshop, the biggest operational centre in the world

It is without doubt the biggest operational centre in the world. Around 1 billion cross-checked (twice!) gifts made, then delivered in one night globally. Ardoq Bites looks at a digital twin of Santa's operations.

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Ever wondered how Santa accomplishes the impossible task of delivering joy to the entire world in one night? Let's demystify the magic and explore a digital twin of Santa's Workshop using Ardoq, unravelling the secrets of his enterprise model.

How does Santa's Workshop operate

In a candid conversation with the big fella, we explored ways to enhance operational efficiency amid global population growth, which in turn increases his demand. We begin by understanding the current state of his Workshop and represented this in Ardoq. You can explore the full report through the link at the end of this piece.

Organisational Simplicity: Structure Breakdown

Santa's Workshop surprisingly operates with a very simple structure — 4 Divisions, 9 Departments, each headed by an efficient Elf manager. A streamlined approach ensures seamless operations.

Tech Marvels: Powering Santa's Day-to-Day

Yes, Santa has moved into the modern world and does not just rely on parchment anymore. Each department leverages a variety of technologies. This digital landscape supports their daily activities, enhancing the Workshop's overall productivity.

Mapping Business Capabilities: Bridging Departmental Activities

Understanding what each department does is crucial. So we have mapped their activities to Business Capabilities, providing insight into their unique contributions to Santa's grand mission.

Objectives and Projects: Santa's Strategic Roadmap

Santa has set clear objectives for each Department, each backed by ongoing projects to achieve them. Witness the strategic alignment of objectives and projects below.

Santa's Workshop: The Enterprise Model Unveiled

Combining all facets of the Enterprise Model, we present a comprehensive overview. It's a peek behind the curtains, revealing the orchestration of Santa's festive magic.

High-Level Metamodel: Simplifying the Complexity

For a quick grasp of the multiple intricacies, here's a high-level metamodel breaking down the components of Santa's Workshop's Enterprise Model.

Now armed with a digital twin of the current state, Santa is now ready for a transformational change in preparation for the 2024 rush. No doubt Ardoq's rich feature list — Surveys, Broadcasts, Scenarios, Visualisations, Orchestration, Communications... becomes the Workshop's hub for transformation and innovation. 

You too can the explore possibilities and view the full report of Santa's Workshop's current state represented in Ardoq through the following link:

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