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Ardoq Bites - Identify strategic initiatives with Ardoq Capability Modelling

How can I use data to find out which areas of my business need optimising? Ardoq Bites looks how Ardoq drives this with Capability Modelling.

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One thing that should be in the kit bag of every organisation is the ability to model their business capabilities. “Yawn!!” I’ve already lost half of you… but come in close and huddle up for a minute.

Identify strategic initiatives with Ardoq Capability Modelling

You see while it may sound complicated, business capabilities are just building block descriptions of what a business actually does, and if you can understand how these capabilities get realised then this is incredibly valuable to your bosses and your organisation. That though is just scraping the surface, as there are lots of other pieces of information that really boost value too.

Things like financial aspects and what business value or technical fit… Woah!!! You’ve lost me again…

Let Ardoq simplify the process

Time to simplify this whole process and let Ardoq do all the heavy lifting. Now all we need to do is rank 2 things on a 1-5 scale:

  1. Differentiation: How much do you think it gives us a competitive advantage?

  2. Maturity: How efficient is the way we do it?

With this our world then opens up and we can easily see where improvement opportunities exist.

For example, the following graph represents some capabilities, showing their Differentiation and Maturity levels with their total cost (collected outside this process). Look at the size of the circle in the bottom left corner (Customer Information Management). You can see that is more expensive compared to others despite it basically being ranked as a commodity and difficult to perform. This looks like a good candidate to optimise, improve business operations and save our organisation a lot of money.

Want to see an example visualisation of how your business capabilities can be represented in Ardoq for you to start making data driven decisions? A link to an interactive sample report is available here:

About Willtures

Willtures are the first certified and dedicated Ardoq implementers in Australia. Reach out to me directly for an obligation free discussion if you would like to find out how to identify strategic initiatives with Ardoq and their capability modelling or any other feature in Ardoq.

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