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Ardoq Bites - Drive collaboration and engagements with Broadcasts

How can automation improve enterprise-wide collaboration of my data? Ardoq Bites looks how Ardoq drives this with Broadcasts.

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Is enterprise-wide collaboration of data a thing of fairy tales? One thing for sure is it is certainly a challenging task, but having a collaborative approach to utilising data across departments and functions is something organisations strive to achieve.

However, having data available for collaboration is really just the start, as you still need to drive intelligent engagement across it. This is where Ardoq Broadcasts comes in by making communication and interaction of the data easy.

Collaboration and engagements with Ardoq Broadcasts

Broadcasts is Ardoq's messaging automation and workflow feature that can be configured to send specific alerts and surveys that are sent under specific conditions. There are heaps of advantages that flow from this, including:

  • Personalisation: Forget about email groups, group mailboxes, channels, and forums, Broadcasts allow you to match the right message to the right recipient, directly out of the data in your enterprise model

  • Reduce time and waste: Introduce automated quality governance on repetitive activities. For example, make application owners review licence renewals 3 months ahead of the due date

  • Reduce risk: Create milestone alerts that will inform stakeholders when a key date is approaching. For example, if a version of Windows Server is approaching end of life, Broadcasts can send out an alert to the business owners that will be carrying that risk because the technology used to support them is moving out of support.

  • De-duplication: Stop the same person receiving multiple notifications about the same thing, even though the data in the enterprise model shows multiple relationship types

  • Workflows: Combine multiple broadcasts to build a complete end-to-end process. These can also be created to route work differently according to some predefined logic or condition

  • Improve collaboration: The more the data in Ardoq is shared, the more requests to ensure certain activities are recorded in the platform

Want to see Ardoq Broadcasts in action? A link to a short video is here:

About Willtures

Willtures are the first certified and dedicated Ardoq implementers in Australia. Reach out to me directly for an obligation free discussion if you would like to find out more regarding driving collaboration and engagements with Ardoq Broadcasts or any other features in Ardoq?

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